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My “Why” (Video)

Good morning everyone!! I wanted to share with you a quick video that I was asked to make explaining my “why” for joining my company.  This is the first time I have ever made a video of myself and it took 4 takes just to get it under 2 minutes because I am a talker!  By the 4th take I decided to just hand it over and let it be!  I am excited to share this with you because it will give you a little glimpse into who I am beyond the blog posts.  The video is a little goofy but it’s all me!  Enjoy!

I am making it my goal this week (and every week after that) to touch the lives of as many people as possible in a positive way, whether it be a big smile when they seem down or a hug, or simply letting someone get the better parking spot, just because.  It doesn’t take big dramatic actions to make someone’s day a little better.  Give it a shot!  You would be surprised how much one small positive action can change the entire mood of the day!

I would love to hear what you do to keep your days as positive as possible!


What Are You Waiting For?

CrazyWrapThing Give us a year


Yum. Just yum.

Onion Rolls

Onion rolls a la Norm.  Does this post need anything else, really?

Life Update and Product Review! They Work!

WOW!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have posted on here!  So many things going on with the move, kid sports, school events, my new job!  Yes, I said JOB!

Let’s take it back to almost a year ago.  I have a friend who was selling “Those Crazy Wrap Things” and I just thought she was totally full of you-know-what!  I didn’t understand or believe that a wrap with cream on it could tighten, tone, firm or do anything!  Fast forward to a month ago, after months of watching people get positive, undeniable results from these products, in addition to the information I gained from my research into the toxicity of these products (love EWG!), I decided to give it a shot!  I bought “That Crazy Wrap Thing” and slapped it on, wrapped myself with an ace bandage to hold it in place (picture that, HA!), waited an hour and guess what?!! It worked!!!  I did a total of 3, over the course of 10 days and I would not have believed the results if I didn’t see them with my own eyes.  Check it out!

Before After Me

Sorry about the weird picture.  I don’t really know how to use photo collage yet.  If you asked me a month ago if I would ever post pictures like this on Facebook or any public forum I would have laughed at you but it’s just so exciting!

So let me explain.  The product I used is called The Ultimate Body Applicator.  It is a cloth that is infused with a botanical lotion, which you place on any body part that you want to tone, tighten and firm.  You leave it on for anywhere from 45 minutes to overnight, remove, rub in any remaining lotion and your results will be progressive over 72 hours.  A full treatment is a box of 4 and you can do them every 72 hours.  What I love about this product is that 1) it actually works just like it says it will and 2) is is an awesome motivator for people who are looking for a jump start into a healthier lifestyle and need a little quick motivation.  The results last 2-6 months, depending on your lifestyle and maintenance.

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Do You Wanna &%!? A Snowman?

I don’t know about you, but Frozen has infected my house and it’s not showing any signs of clearing up anytime soon.  It appears to be a nationwide epidemic at this point so we might as well buckle in and enjoy the ride!  I personally love the movie and the songs but sometimes a video gem like this comes along and makes me love them even more!

Enjoy Frozen, the censored version.  Suited for immature adults everywhere.

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